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What Causes my Air Conditioner to Freeze Up?

Air conditioner freeze ups are a common challenge for most homeowners. When ice forms on AC units, the ability to properly cool the indoor air is impaired. In addition, a freeze up can put a lot of stress on the compressor. If you run your AC unit when there is ice on the coil, it is likely you may wind up with a costly repair or replacement of the compressor. So what causes the freezing of AC units? The answer is that there are a variety of conditions that can cause this HVAC problem.

Reasons Why AC Units Freeze

One of the most common causes of an AC freezing up is a dirty air filter. AC units require proper airflow for operation, and dirty air filters impede airflow. If you see any ice forming on the outdoor unit or pipes that lead from the compressor, be sure to check your air filter. If it’s dirty, change it. As a matter of fact, if your AC unit is running continually, you should replace or clean the air filter once a month. In addition, check the air registers in the home. Blocked or closed vents will block air flow to the evaporator coil. Evaporator coils also need regular cleaning to prevent freezing. This is best done by a licensed HVAC contractor. A faulty fan can also cause an air conditioner to freeze up. Without a proper functioning fan, the air is not circulated through the ductwork and the home. Another big cause of AC freezing is a lack of refrigerant. Often, this is due to a leak somewhere in the AC system. In this case, it’s also best to call a licensed contractor to run a test to find and fix the leak in addition to refilling refrigerant levels.

An Effective Way to Prevent AC Units from Freezing

One of the best ways to prevent AC units from freezing up is to invest in a preventative maintenance plan or have biannual tune-ups. During a regular service visit or tune-up, technicians perform the necessary tasks to prevent freezing up of AC units. Indoor and outdoor coils are cleaned, air filters are checked and an inspection and repair of leaks are done during the maintenance visit. All in all, you’ll have a perfectly primed air conditioner during the warmer months in Ft. Myers, FL for constant indoor comfort. If you’re not already on a regular service plan, be sure to call for a seasonal tune-up.  At Air Genie, we are proud to serve our friends and neighbors and take care of all their HVAC needs.