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Keep a Lid on Summer Heat Gain

Summer weather can really work against your efforts to cut your household energy budget. Heat gain is a huge issue for some homeowners, making it tough to keep your house comfortable without raising costs. There are different structural factors that can affect the level of energy exchange in your home. Some can be adapted to improve your home's comfort levels so that you can beat the summer heat.

Exterior Efforts

One of the most important considerations in a hot climate is the color of your home's exterior. Dark colors tend to cause an increased energy gain in a home, creating a greater cooling load. Light colors are reflective, keeping energy exchange minimized. In addition to considering light colors for your exterior walls, think about using a reflective coating for your roof to minimize your home's issues in gaining heat.


The size and position of your windows can create problems for summer cooling. Those windows facing the sun are especially prone to increasing your home's cooling load. However, there are many options for reducing energy exchange at these locations. Thermal films can be applied directly to windows. Solar screens are also effective at limiting heat exchange. Insulated curtains or blinds are great for improving energy efficiency.


Insulating materials provide a barrier to heat traveling into or out of a home. During summer months, this can really help in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. Attic insulation keeps energy exchange through the roof in check. Duct insulation, meanwhile, prevents energy loss as cool air moves through the system to the various rooms in the home. If your insulation is older, it may not be sufficient for maintaining optimum indoor comfort levels. Working with an HVAC professional to identify areas where supplemental material might be useful can lead to improved energy performance and better comfort.  Preventative maintenance keeps your HVAC system optimized and allows our technicians to pinpoint areas contributing to cooling load issues.

Home Sealing

Leaks can allow the infiltration of both heat and greenhouse gases. Efficient home sealing can improve the barrier between indoor and outdoor conditions. However, these leaks often require special equipment and techniques for effective identification. Computer equipment, monitors and thermal imaging equipment can play an important role in pinpointing areas prone to energy exchange issues.

Comprehensive Home Performance Analysis

With a professional analysis of your home's performance, you can isolate specific areas that are currently affecting your home comfort. If you want to beat seasonal heat, you can make use of this information to target the spots that contribute most to compromised comfort levels. Air Genie Air Conditioning provides Enalysis services that include a high-tech computer checkup with sensors used in attics, crawlspaces, registers and returns. Our Ft. Myers, FL customers can count on a quality analysis and effective solutions for keeping home comfort levels optimized during the summer months. Contact our team to schedule an appointment.